VacuFlo Compatible Low Voltage Hose with Gas Pump Style Handle and On/Off Switch for VacuFlo Central Vacuum Systems


Warranty: 30 Days

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This is an VacuFlo compatible vacuum product.

This crushproof, lightweight vacuum hose has a Gas Pump Style handle that rotates in all directions and has an On/Off switch to control suction air driven brushes and attachments.

This hose fit most central vacuum systems and is used by many manufactures as original equipment. Fits 1.5 inch inlet valves.

Available Options:

  • 25 Feet in color Grey, Button Lock
  • 30 Feet in color Silver, Button Lock
  • 35 Feet in color Silver, Button Lock or Friction Lock
  • 40 Feet in color Grey, Button Lock


  • On/Off switch at your fingertips for easy control
  • Button Lock style hose handle end/35 Foot model is also available in Friction Lock
  • Lightweight, crushproof, and much more durable than the older style hoses
  • The handle swivels 360 degrees virtually eliminating hose kinking
  • Flows 27% more air that the older hoses due to it’s larger internal diameter and the smooth inside design reducing airflow resistance

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