VacuFlo Compatible TurboCat Zoom EX with Z-Tech Design for VacuFlo Central Vacuum Systems

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This is an VacuFlo compatible vacuum product.

You’ll love the sleek contemporary look and design of the new TurboCat Zoom EX air turbine power brush. But most of all you’ll love the performance! It removes deeply embedded dust and dirt more effectively. Maneuver with ease under and around furniture while enjoying the peace and quiet. The exclusive Z-Tech Design delivers these remarkable benefits and much more.

There’s never been a quieter, more powerful air turbine power head than the TurboCat Zoom EX.


  • Exclusive Vac-N-Groom spiral designed roller brush that features dual height bristles for more thorough cleaning.
  • Multi-port base plate and expanded air intake improves vacuum power and cleaning performance.
  • Soft Pro-Tech bumper protects furniture from damage.
  • Easy-glide front rollers improve maneuverability.
  • Run-silent bearing isolators and silent drive, non-slip belt ensures quieter operation.
  • Sleek low profile and a 13″ wide vacuum path provides edge-to-edge cleaning ability.
  • Self-adjusting, non-slip drive belt reduces vibration and noise.

If you need a replacement belt see our part #TLS553.

Available in Onyx, Platinum, or Sapphire Blue.

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