Combination Rug and Floor Tool without wheels


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This tool has bristles that move up or down over hard surfaced floors or carpets and rugs but has no wheels. Using the side adjustment lever in the “DOWN” position the bristles lower to clean hard surfaced floors and in the “UP” position the bristles come up for carpets and rugs.  Has a swivel neck that also moves up and down as well as side to side for easy maneuvering. Good for very short carpet or area rugs.

Measures 10.5 inches wide. Fits most standard 1 1/4 inch vacuum hoses and wands.

Available in Black or Grey.

If you want wheels on your floor tool as well as a lint strip on the bottom to pick up lint and hair see our part #TLS110

For much better performance see our TurboCat EX Power Brush, our part #TLS102



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