Pullman Holt Compatible Automatic Vacuum Attachment Kit for Pullman Holt Central Vacuum Systems


Warranty: 30 Days

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This is a Pullman Holt Central Vacuum compatible vacuum product.

The Automatic Vacuum Attachment Kit contains all of the tools needed to clean your home thoroughly and effectively. These tools fit on any vacuum including upright, canister, portable or central vacuums. The heart of this great cleaning kit is the Combination Rug/ Floor Tool that can clean rugs and carpets as well as hard surfaced floors such as hardwood, tile or stone floors.

No need to manually adjust the tool to accommodate floor surfaces, it does this automatically and does it safely without scratching or damaging your most delicate of floor surfaces. It has deep cleaning air channels that run to the very edge of it to clean even those closest edges. With a brush that firmly agitates your carpets surface to dislodge the dirt gently providing you with superior cleaning ability as well as lint strips to pick up loose threads or that pet hair embedded into your rug or carpet. The Premier Vinyl Dusting Brush with natural horsehair bristles for thorough but gentle cleaning of your fine furniture, window sills, and even around valuable painting frames and delicate lamps. With a wide 3.5 inch cleaning path it works great to speed up your cleaning tasks. The Premier Upholstery Brush with cleaning strip tackles your fabric covered sofa and chairs as well as your cars upholstery. The cleaning strip loosens dirt and debris while gently moving back and forth grooming the surface as you use it. With the Premier 13 Inch Crevice Tool you can reach those deep and narrow areas such as under sofa cushions, window channels and even in the seats of your automobile. It has slotted vents on one side to maintain a constant flow of air to maximize your cleaning ability.

This package includes:

  • Combination Rug/Floor Tool with automatic height adjustment and a swivel neck for easy control.
  • Premier Upholstery Tool with Brush.
  • Premier Vinyl Dusting Brush
  • Premier 13 Inch Crevice Tool.
  • Fits most standard 1 1/4 inch vacuum hoses and wands. Available in Black or Grey.