Numatic/NaceCare Canister Vacuum Motor, 120 volts #205401


Warranty: 30 Days

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This is the Numatic/NaceCare Canister Vacuum Motor, 120 volts, #205401  for Harry, Henry, Hetty, James, NVH380 and HVR200A vacuums.

This is the 2 Stage version of the Nacecare motor currently used in the above units. Please compare your motor to the “look” of the above motor BEFORE purchasing. If your motor does not look the same or very similar to the motor above, you will need the older style 1 stage motor. If you need the 1 stage version, please see our part #MTR2116.


We HIGHLY recommend the maximum protection of your motor by using our exclusive Filtered Motor Gasket, part #MTR1500. Our Filtered Motor Gasket is the only one of its kind and only available from Central Vacuum Factory! It is specially designed by our engineers to provide your motor with years of trouble free service by filtering out dust and dirt BEFORE they reach your motor and damaging it! The filtered motor gasket fits flush and is as easy to apply as a regular gasket and will not add any height to your motor during mounting!

For our standard motor gasket, see our part #MTR512.

*We reserve the right to substitute a motor with a motor of equal or better performance. The substituted motor will be a manufacturer’s direct recommended replacement motor that is in factory new condition. The reason for substitution may be due to a discontinued motor or lack of production stock. We make every effort to provide you with the motor that you originally ordered.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact us prior to placing your order.

Installation note:

Over-tightening of the mounting screws may cause the fan casing to push into the fan blades and may damage the fans.  This situation is not covered under the Motor Warranty Program and will not be approved if submitted.  If motor is turned in under warranty and is found to have the type of damage explained above, the warranty will be denied.  When mounting your new motor, in most cases a touch BEYOND “finger tight” is all that is required to mount and seat the motor sufficiently.


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