Dr. Heater Infrared Heater DR-122X4 Large Size Bedbug Treatment System


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This is the Dr. Heater DR122X4 Large Size Bed Bug Heater Treatment System.

The DR-122X4 Large Size Bedbug Heater System terminates bed bugs of all types, even growth stages like eggs, nymphs and adult bed bugs, making this the perfect non-toxic natural bed-bug treatment system. This system is large enough to treat bed bug infested items such as: Sofas, Beds, Desks, Seats, Footwear, Books, Dressers, Night Stands, Clothes, Sheeting, Appliances, and much more.

When you’re ready to start toasting the bed bugs here’s a few things to note: The DR-122X4 takes approximately 10 minutes to assemble and due to the size of the product, we recommend a minimum of 150 square foot space for set up.

This Bedbug Heater System requires a total of 50 Amps or 6,000 Watts to operate. Each heater needs to be plugged into a 120V outlet and each outlet needs to be on its own circuit. To achieve this, the four heaters may need to use four extension cords (not included), as typical residential and/or commercial buildings only contains one circuit per room. Be sure not use extension cords rated below 1500 watts or under 16 gauges.


  • Wipes out 100% of bed bugs of all forms
  • Safe, powerful, and Non-toxic form of treatment
  • Easy to set up and load infected items for treatment
  • Assembled (space required) : 112 inch L x 58 inch W x 79 inch H
  • Ideal for treating many infested items such as sofas, beds, desks and much more

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