Beam Compatible Swivel Sweep Central Vacuum Floor Brush for Beam Central Vacuum Systems


Warranty: 30 Days

Shipping Features


This is an Beam compatible vacuum product.

The new Swivel Sweep Floor Brush central vacuum attachment has a double axis system that raises the bar for cleaning, maneuverability and performance. Swivels in directions that were not possible before allowing you to clean in the tightest places with ease!

A full 13 inches wide with it’s castle cut natural bristles it cleans in every direction it is moved. The Swivel Sweep Brush has multi-density brushes that surround all edges and can clean hard surfaced floors such as hardwood, stone, linoleum or concrete floors. Even textured floors!

No other floor tool has such powerful maneuvering or cleaning ability! A great vacuum part to add to your cleaning arsenal!

Fits standard 1.25 inch friction wands (not included).

Available in Black or Grey.