14″ Scalloped Carpet/Rug Floor Tool


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This is our 14″ Floor Tool which fits standard wands with 1.25″ connections. This is for use with straight wands only.

It is designed with an extra wide scalloped base to reduce effort vacuuming carpeted surfaces. Deep scallops to both ends of the shoe deliver excellent edge cleaning. There is a 10.5″ nylon brush strip mounted in front of the rear scallops which improve dirt recovery and aid in surface grooming of the carpet. The brush strip helps the tool to deliver uniform cleaning performance across the complete width of the tool. The brush strip can be removed if desired to make movement even easier.


  • Fits most standard 1 1/4″ vacuum hoses and wands.
  • Compatible with Central vacuums, Canister vacuums and Backpack vacuums that have 1.25″ wands
  • Includes a 10.5 inch nylon strip to improve dirt recovery


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