RhinoVac Compatible Low Voltage T7 Prime Central Vacuum Attachment Kit for RhinoVac Central Vacuum Systems


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This is a RhinoVac compatible vacuum product.

The Low Voltage T7 Prime Central Vacuum Attachment Kit is a complete system for your existing home central vacuum and a great addition in new construction. The heart of the Low Voltage Prime Central Vacuum Attachment Kit is the Ultra TP-210 Air Turbine Power Brush. Using the exclusive patented TurboFlex four way roller brush system, sealed air flow chamber, and a powerful air turbine it creates a tornado style vacuum flow it cleans deep into your carpets. It has a low profile, swivel neck, and edge cleaning capabilities. It is quiet and easy to maneuver thanks to the large wheels and uses a cogged belt to eliminate belt slippage.

The crushproof hose has a 360 degree swivel action that stops hoses from knotting up as you use it and in addition it has an On/Off switch at your fingertips for complete control of your system at all times. With it’s ergonomic design it is easy to use and engineered for less stress on your hand and wrist.

The Low Voltage Prime Central Vacuum Attachment Kit includes all the tools you will need to clean any surface of your home.

Kit Includes:

  • 30 or 35 Feet 1 3/8 inch Low Voltage Hose Assembly
  • TurboCat TP210 Air Driven Nozzle
  • Turbo Hand Tool
  • 14 inch Floor Tool with Wheels
  • Horse Hair Dust Brush
  • Upholstery Tool With Slide Brush
  • 13 inch Crevice Tool
  • Telescopic Metal Wand
  • Mini Attachment Kit
  • 3-Piece Attachment Holder
  • Hose Hanger
  • Tool Caddy Bag

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