Free Flow Central Vacuum Maintenance Cleaning Sheets


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This is the Free Flow Central Vacuum Maintenance Sheets and they are the residential choice for central vacuum system maintenance, regardless of the model or manufacturer! The average central vacuum equipped home has over 250 feet of vacuum pipe throughout the walls, attic, basement, and soffits. Free Flow is the quick and powerful way to keep your system clean and maintained. Each container of the Free Flow Central Vacuum Maintenance Sheets contain 25 sheets which when vacuumed up via your hose will make its way thru the hose and pipes and deposit in the main unit’s bag or dirt cup.

How Do Free Flow Sheets Actually Work?

When the Free Flow Sheets are suctioned through the hose end and forced thru the pipes using the suction power of the vacuum, they clear the inside of the hose and pipes as they travel to the vacuum unit. Their volume and speed force larger objects such as pens, batteries, match box cars, rocks, hair-fuzz balls, jewelry, and sticks to the main vacuum unit. Free Flow Sheets are the perfect balance of density and moisture. As they travel they are also wiping the surfaces. The powerfully pleasant scent leaves the entire system smelling clean and fresh including the exhaust of the main unit because the sheets simply remains there and your pipes and hoses…well.. Everything is cleaner, air is flowing faster, and the system smells fresh!


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