Spotty Carpet and Hard Floor Brush with Telescopic Wand


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Keeping carpet and your hard surface flooring clean is a lot harder than getting them dirty. Professional dry cleaning is expensive. Shampooing and steam cleaning are messy and leave moisture that can lead to mold or mildew. Manual cleaning with a brush is hard on the knee. And we won’t even get into trying to “scrub” the floors with a mop.

The Spotty Carpet and Hard Floor Brush with Telescopic Wand is a new tool to clean your carpets and your hard surface floors effectively without water. Its unique roller brush works at a consistent angle and depth to distribute the dry carpet shampoo granules evenly and effectively and agitates and cleans the carpet. It is the best way to remove stains, allergens, dust mites and bacteria from your carpet.

Flip the Spotty over and you have a brush that is perfect for cleaning all of your hard surface flooring like tile, terrazzo, and linoleum! The scrub brushes on each side fit perfectly in those grout lines to scrub them clean!

Special Features:

  • The sturdy metal adjustable handle allows you to work at a comfortable and ergonomic operational position. Simply twist and slide the retractable telescopic handle to the desired height then just tighten it securely.
  • The radial curvature of the Spotty allows a more uniform distribution of your Dry Carpet Cleaner. Embedding the cleaning particles deep into your carpet resulting in a deeper, more uniform distribution of the cleaning particles and a more rigorous agitation of the carpet fibers as well.
  • The side roller wheels support the brush block keeping it from becoming buried in the carpet and allowing the brush to work at a consistent angle and depth.
  • The two brush settings, either easy or aggressive, gives you the flexibility to clean different types of carpet.
  • Grout Brush on each side for all types and sizes of grout lines
  • Offers superior particle and pet hair lifting capability.
  • Measures 11 inches wide, 36 inches long when retracted, 60 inches long when extended.


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