Powerstar Utopia vacuum motor, 240 volt, (Secondary)


Warranty: 30 Days

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This is a factory vacuum motor for the Power Star Utopia central vacuum, 240 volt. systems.

This is the secondary vacuum motor (outer motor).

It is suggested you replace the motor gasket part #MO400.

Protect your motors from dust and dirt by using a motor filter. This prolongs the life of your motor and is a must for all motors. See our part #MTR553.

If you need the primary motor for the PowerStar Utopia central vacuum system see our part MTR349.

Installation note:

Over-tightening of the mounting screws may cause the fan casing to push into the fan blades and may damage the fans.  This situation is not covered under the Motor Warranty Program and will not be approved if submitted.  If motor is turned in under warranty and is found to have the type of damage explained above, the warranty will be denied.  When mounting your new motor, in most cases a touch BEYOND “finger tight” is all that is required to mount and seat the motor sufficiently.


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