Modern Day 8 Gallon Replacement Paper Filter Bags, 3 pack

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These are the Micro-Filtration 8 gallon filter bagS that are the best filters to use if you have allergies or breathing problems and they also assist in keeping your motor fan blades clean and free from dust thus preventing premature motor failure.

These are Micro-lined 2-ply filter bags that are made to factory specifications and will help protect your warranty and replace the HyperFlow filter bags.

Fits some MD, Modern Day, FloMaster, Action, Pow-R-King, Stor-Vac, Sequoia SV-350 only, and Thoromatic. Replaces to MD part #720-5, #720MC and #8MC filter bags.

Comes in a pack of 3. Bags measure 15 inches wide by 22 inches tall and has an elastic band at the top.

If you need the 12 gallon paper filter bags see our part ##BFS100.


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