EcoGecko Little Squirt Room Revitalizer


Warranty: 30 Days

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The EcoGecko Little Squirt is a clean and effective way for neutralizing unpleasant odors in your space. Just fill the bowl with tap water, add a few drops of the INCLUDED Lavender aroma oil (or your own favorite essential oil) and turn on the freshness.

The Little Squirt has a fan system that brings in the air from the room into the water. From there, the air is pushed through the essential oil scented water where the dust particles are trapped in the water and the scented air is released back into your room.

The Little Squirt’s shimmering blue LED light emitted into the water and the whirlpool of swirling water will turn any area into a Zen like atmosphere and the gently swishing water will create a soothing white noise for a peaceful and restful environment.


  • Use as an air freshener: The Little Squirt pulls the air from the surrounding room into the base of swirling water. The water in the Little Squirt will act as a filter for trapping particles and releasing fresh moist air into your room.
  • Use as an Aromatic Oil Diffuser: Add a few drops of the included Lavender oil to neutralize unpleasant odors, re-energize stale air and add a fresh scent to any room.
  • Seeking Serenity: The Little Squirt’s whirlpool of swirling water and shimmering blue light turns any space into a Zen-like atmosphere and with a noise level that is less than 45db, the Little Squirt creates its own white noise for a soothing peaceful environment.
  • Unit Measurements: 5 inches tall and 4.25 inches in diameter, perfect for offices, bathrooms and other small spaces.
  • Easy cleaning: Remove the top and dispose of the water and oils and add fresh water and oils daily.

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