EcoGecko Earth Globe Air Cleaner & Revitalizer


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Pollutants in our outdoor air are washed away one way….WITH WATER from rain. Wash the pollutants from the air you breathe in your home the same way with our EcoGecko Glowing Water Air Washer and Revitalizer. Bacteria, dust, pet dander allergens and bad household smells are literally washed out of your air, the natural way, with water. Simple fill the bowl with tap water, add a few drops of the included aroma oil and turn on the rainstorm! The unit will pull the air from the room it is in; wash it through the water and aroma oil, and release clean pleasantly scented air back into your room. The shimmering blue LED light emitted into the water and the whirlpool of swirling water will turn any indoor space into a Zen like atmosphere. Control the speed of our Air Revitalizer using the dial on top. You can also turn the blue light off if you choose.

Available in Silver, Black and White


  • Smoke, Dust, Odors, Pet Dander and Other Allergens are Washed Out of the Air You Breathe
  • Uses Regular Tap Water to Literally Wash the Air Leaving it Fresh and Clean
  • No Costly Filter to Change, Simply Pour out the Water and Refill
  • Add a Few Drops of Included Aroma Oil to Make Your Space Smell Great
  • Diffuses Aromatherapy Oil Without Heat
  • Adjustable Speed Allows You to Set Your Earth Globe to the Speed and Sound that Works for You
  • Shimmering Blue Light Emitted into the Water Creates the Perfect Soothing Night Light
  • The Whirlpool of Swirling Water will Turn Any Indoor Space into a Zen-Like Atmosphere
  • Covers approximately 600 square feet
  • Size: Diameter: 6.5 inches, Height: 8 inches
  • AC Power (110V) Allows For Low-Energy Usage

For fragrances see our part #CLP700



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