Air King Compatible AirMaxx Turbo Power Vacuum Brush for Air King Central Vacuum Systems


Warranty: 30 Days

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This is an ACV compatible vacuum product.

The AirMaxx Turbo Power Vacuum Brush is the most powerful and effective turbo brush available! It spins a 24 blade turbine fan at an amazing 8,000 RPM for maximum cleaning. This tool works great on stairs, upholstery, your carpet in the car and picks up dirt and pet hair with ease. Has the most powerful air turbine produced that spins at incredible speed that expedites any cleaning job you may have.

This turbine is driven by a cogged belt for secure non-slipping operation that is attached to a roller brush that is sealed away from dirt and debris that protects your belt from unnecessary exposure ensuring longer belt life. It’s like having an upright vacuum cleaner in your hand!

The AirMaxx Turbo Power Vacuum Brush features a 6 1/2″ wide cleaning path, has a floating bottom plate that contours itself to your cleaning jobs, has a rotating neck for side to side action to accommodate your cleaning needs and the bottom panel opens up for easy cleaning and maintenance.