3200 Series Dual Voltage Vacuum Hose for the CT24 Power Brush


Warranty: 30 Days

Shipping Features


This hose fit ONLY the Cen-Tec CT-24 power brush and wand!

The new 3200 Series Dual Voltage hose is the very latest in design and comfort. Unsurpassed in quality and durability the 3200 Series hoses will provide you with many years of service. Let’s look at why when buying a new dual voltage hose you need to seriously consider this hose over others.


  • Choose from 30 foot or 35 foot crushproof hose. Choose from Direct Connect or Pigtail.
  • Patented Strain Relief system designed to reduce the amount of strain on the hose right at the handle.
  • Ergonomic design relieves strain on your wrists and hand.
  • Light weight for easy use.
  • 1 3/8 inch diameter hose gives you 27% more airflow that conventional hoses.
  • Three position switch. First is the off position. Another position turns on the vacuum and the power brush. One turns on only the vacuum only.
  • Highest quality available.


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