1.5 Inch x 54 inch Commercial Backpack Floor and Carpet Tool Kit #98064


Warranty: 30 Days

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The 1.5 Inch x 54 inch Commercial Backpack Floor and Carpet Tool Kit includes a 1.5 inch x 54 inch two piece commercial S-style wand, 14 inch multi-surface nozzle, 14 inch nylon fill floor brush, 15 inch paddle tool, 5 inch upholstery nozzle, and 3.5 inch natural fill dusting tool.

  • The 1.5 inch x 54 inch two piece commercial S-wand weighs in at only 1.6 pounds and is coated with a scratch proof finish to provide years of service, without a scratch. The wand features a locking button that insure a firm, wobble free connection and easy separation for transport. Made from a durable high impact chemical resistant ABS plastic, the compression coupling is suitable for use with both common 1.5 inch and 1 9/16 inch floor nozzles that are common to the commercial cleaning trade. The ABS collar will not pit or fail even when exposed to floor strippers and similar chemicals.
  • The 14 inch multi-surface nozzle is ideal for use on carpets, walk off mats, and is often used in transition areas where both hard floor and carpet are present. The 10 inch nylon brush strip located on the underside of the tool will groom carpeted surfaces and open the carpet pile permitting the capture of embedded dirt down in the carpet strands. The wide base helps to keep the tool parallel to the floor surface for more effective cleaning with less effort for the user.
  • The 14 inch nylon floor brush is ideal for all hard floor surfaces. The generous nylon fill will not spread out and flatten and collapse even under high vacuum pressure. The front on the nozzle contains a full 12 inch wide “cut-out” of the bristles that allow free airflow and larger debris collection. A full non-marring bumper wraps the tool protecting base broads, kick plates, and furnishings from rubs and marking.
  • The 15 inch paddle crevice, 5 inch wide upholstery tool, and 3.5 inch generous natural fill dusting tool can maintain all your above the floor cleaning needs.

The 1.5 Inch x 54 inch Commercial Backpack Floor and Carpet Tool Kit is ideal for use with commercial back pack vacuums equipped with 1.5 inch hose, dry and wet-dry commercial canister vacuums, and as an upgrade to common home shop vacuum accessories when the vacuum is equipped with 1.5 inch hose.