1 3/8″ ValueFlex Low Voltage Central Vacuum Hose


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The 1 3/8″ ValueFlex Low Voltage Central Vacuum Hose is the newest value priced, light duty service hose with superior air flow, crush resistance and flexibility from Plastiflex, your leading manufacturer in central vacuum hose manufacturing.

It features a 360 degree swivel handle with an open handle designed for comfort and complete control at your fingertips. This handle is so comfortable to hold and use and the 1 3/8 inch diameter hose will give you 27% more airflow that conventional hoses. The two position rocker switch is located to permit activation of your vacuum without having to shift your hand.

The hose strain relief system located just under the handle allows the hose to take a shallow arc protecting it from kinking when in use or rests in a park position between use. Wall end connections are always secure and reliable.

Crushproof, lightweight and durable this hose is available only in a button lock configuration.

Comes in 30 or 35 foot lengths.

Designed to work with most central vacuum system. Fits 1.5 inch inlet valves.


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