TopVac Pet Grooming Tool Set


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The TopVac Pet Grooming Tool Set, designed especially for smaller pets, is the professionals’ choice for pet grooming vacuum cleaner attachments. Enjoy the many benefits you’ll receive from the time spent regularly grooming your pet. This specially designed set of grooming brushes separates, lifts and removes shedding hair and debris from your pet’s coat and helps to distribute the natural oils through your pet’s coat leaving a tangle-free fresh groomed look while giving your pet’s skin a chance to breathe.

The TopVac Pet Grooming Tool Set consists of not just one but two different grooming tools each with different functions. The pin-comb groomer brush features firm but flexible grooming pins and is ideal for removing long, tangled and matted hair often associated with breeds having longer hair coats. The second grooming tool in this kit is the bristled brush. This brush features thousands of individual nylon bristles, which is ideal for breeds with shorter hair, and also is used as a “finishing” brush to provide that just groomed shine. Both tools are designed with a special universal connection that simply connects to any vacuum cleaner hose to whisk away all of the unwanted hair directly into your vacuum cleaners bag.


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