The Premium 360 4.5′ Backpack Hose & Accessory Kit


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In the past few months a number of contract cleaners have shared with Cen-Tec their belief that in office and retail environments they find their cleaning associates realize increased productivity using 1.25″ accessory tools in place of common 1.5″ tools even though the footprint of the nozzles are smaller.

They attribute this gain to three major advantages:

  • The ability to access spaces with the smaller tools difficult for the larger tools improving detailing and reducing time lost to moving objects.
  • The handle offers better control of the tools permitting them to move chairs, furnishings, and other obstacles with one hand as they vacuum with the other.
  • For cleaning associates of smaller stature cleaning with the long standard non-telescopic 1.5″ s-wand can result in the tool not being properly aligned to the cleaning surface. The wands are often found to be too big for the cleaning associates hand to comfortably grasp. The larger tools are sometimes difficult to push. The underlying benefit is user comfort.

The Premium 360 Backpack Hose & Accessory Kit combines both the hoses and the tools together for you to make the change from 1.5″ tools and wands over to the Industry Standard 1.25″.

Kit includes:

  • Premium 360 Swivel 4.5′ Backpack Hose Assembly with Button Lock that has the ergonomic handle that freely swivels 360 degrees to reduce the stress on the users hands, wrists, and forearms.
  • Premium chrome ratchet wand with the “Button Down” feature makes it easy to separate the wand from the handle when using the full complement of accessories.
  • Premium 12″ floor brush
  • 12″ Carpet Tool which makes this kit beneficial for cleaning carpet or hard surfaces.
  • The articulated dusting tool works well on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.
  • The upholstery tool and crevice tool helps keep the remaining surfaces in the environment clean.

Make your associates happy… Move up to a one of a kind Premium 360 cleaning accessory package. Ideal for use in soft goods retail environments or residential cleaning.


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