Stain-X 1 gallon Hi-Foam Carpet Shampoo

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Stain-X Hi-Foam Carpet Shampoo is a specially engineered blend of detergents and cleaners that has been formulated to instantly emulsify dirt and soils. Stain-X Hi-Foam Carpet Shampoo provides a thick creamy foam that is formulated to release soil from carpet fibers and traps it for quick, easy removal. The unique low moisture formula is fast drying allowing traffic back on to the carpet sooner. Stain-X Hi-Foam Carpet Shampoo is perfect for restaurants, hotels, businesses, or any place where wet carpet is a liability. Any residue left behind dries to a powder, which is simply vacuumed away. Stain-X Hi-Foam Carpet Shampoo is formulated to be the best foam type shampoo available when compared to the leaders in the industry.


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