Sharp Replacement Twin Energy Models Upright Belt


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This is the Sharp, Sanyo, Simplicity Upright Belt and will fit the following models: Sanyo U123, U127, U128, U129, U8MA, U101, U124, U10MA, U122, U125, U126, U11MA, Sharp EC-TU5111, EC-S5170, EC-T5180, EC-T5180A, EC-T5180B, EC-T5965, EC-T5970, EC-T5980, EC-TU5909, EC-TU5910, EC-TU5907, EC-TU5907, EC-TU2007, EC-TU5007, EC-TU2111, EC-TU4609, EC-12TBC, EC-12TWC, EC-T4765, EC-T4770, EC-TU2807, EC-TU2809, EC-TU4707, EC-TU4709, EC-TU4711S, EC-12TXT7, EC-12TXT9, EC-14TXT7, EC-14TXT9, EC-12TWT7, EC-12TWT9, EC-TU2607, EC-TU2609, EC-14TWT7, EC-TU4607, EC-12TX8, EC-12TX8B, EC-12TXC, EC-TU2603, EC-TU2608, EC-14TX6, EC-14TX6B, EC-14TX8, EC-TU4606, EC-12SX2, EC-TU2306, EC-TU5306, EC-TU5304, EC-12SXT2, EC-12SX3, EC-12SX6, EC-12TX3, EC-12TX3B, EC-12TX6, Simplicity 6000 Series


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