RhinoVac Compatible Side Opening SuperValve 120 Volt Inlet Valve for RhinoVac Central Vacuum Systems


Warranty: 30 Days

Shipping Features


This is a RhinoVac Central Vacuum compatible vacuum product.

This Side Opening Super Valve Electric inlet valve combines all connections of a dual voltage hose system into one valve. Low voltage wire turns on your vacuum system and the 110 volt connection supplies power to your power brush. With the Super Valve you use a direct connect hose. Unlike conventional inlet valves that the door swings up or down, the Side Open Low Voltage Inlet Valves prevent stress on the inlet valve doors which mean many more years of usage.


  • Reversible flanged mounting plate
  • Full Door Side Opening face plate
  • Snap in electrical connector and screws
  • Reversible flanged mounting plate and Full Door Side Opening face plate are not sold separately.

    Choice of White or Almond