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The NEW ProTeam ProVac FS 6 is designed specifically to triumph over the demands of the food service and hospitality industry. The unit is virtually indestructible – without belts, beater bars or brushes. The ProVac FS 6 rises to any food service challenge.

The Provac FS 6 is the next generation in cleaning comfort. Ergonomic backpack design with patented articulating harness increases range of motion, reduces fatigue, and improves productivity. New triangular shape fits closer to the body and moves with the user, reducing the chance of bumping into doorways, walls, or furniture. The die-cast aluminum tri-latch system assures the highest air watt performance.

The ProTeam ProVac FS 6 Backpack Vacuum Cleaner utilizes ProTeam’s patented Four-Level Filtration system that captures such dangerous things as allergens, tiny dust mites, bacteria, and floating particles. These types of contaminants put our health and the health of others at risk. Four Level Filtration w/HEPA captures 99.97 percent of particulates 0.3 microns or larger, including fine carbon dust from the motor, for improved IAQ. Due to the angle of rear exhaust filters, the unit will not disturb papers on desks as it passes.


If you need replacement filter bags see our part BFS566

The ProTeam ProVac FS 6 Specifications

  • 1108 watts of power
  • Weighs only 9.6 pounds
  • Airflow is 159 cubic feet per minute.
  • Static lift is 96 inches.
  • Amps is 9.5
  • A very quiet 65.8 decibels of operational noise
  • Uses 1.5 inch attachments

Special Features:

  • Less Fatigue. Redesigned Harness Makes The Vacuum Feel Lighter And More Comfortable
  • Stays Cooler. Open Weave Harness Shields Heat During Operation
  • Freedom Of Movement. Articulating Harness Is Responsive To The Motion Of The Users Shoulders, Back And Hips, Increasing Comfort And Reducing Fatigue
  • Weight Distribution. Innovative Harness Distributes Weight Evenly For Lighter Feel
  • Noticeably Quieter. Only 65.8 decibels
  • Reduced Emissions. Easy Access Post Motor HEPA Filter Captures And Contains Microscopic Particulates And Carbon Motor Dust
  • Triangular Shape. Conforms To The Back For A Closer Fit Which Reduces Accidental Contact With Walls And Doorways
  • Easier Filter Bag Inspection. Quick Release Die Cast Latches Improve Filter Compartment Seal
  • Improved Balance. Pivoting Ball Joint Distributes The Weight To The Natural Center Of Gravity


  • The ProTeam ProVac FS 6 Warranty is 3 years parts, labor, and motor*. Lifetime on molded body parts. 5 year warranty when purchased with the P1 Restaurant Kit.

The P-1 Restaurant Kit is designed for the food service industry and features:

  • Comes with a 6 1/2-foot static-dissipating hose, part #100505
  • 50-foot extension cord for extended easy use, part #101678
  • 11-inch crevice tool, part #100107
  • 3-inch Dust Brush with reducer, part # 100110
  • 5-inch Upholstery Tool, part #100115
  • 14-inch Carpet Floor Tool with Scallop design, part #100147
  • 14-inch Hard Floor Tool with Nylon Brush, part #100623
  • 56-inch two-piece, two-bend aluminum wand with button lock system, part #101338


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