PowerStar Genesis, M and S Air Vac BV2000, CycloVac E100 and M Vac M4 Central Vacuum Replacement Micro Clean Filters bags #23667, 3 pack

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Warranty: 30 Days

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Fits Power Star Genesis Central Vacuum Systems. Also fits M & S Air Vac Model BV2000, CycloVac E100, and M Vac M4 units.

Bag is 23 inches tall and 10 inches wide and comes three (3) per pack and includes the Fibrotech round white filter. The Fibrotech filter should be changed after using three of the blue filter bags. These are the only filter bags recommended for use on CycloVac E100, M Vac M4 and Power Star Central Genesis Vacuum Systems by the manufacturer and complies with warranty requirements. Meets HEPA requirements. This is factory part #23667.

If you need filter bags for the Power Star Optima, Optima Plus, Utopia, Cyclo Vac E100 or the M Vac M4 vacuum system see our part # BFS104.

Be sure your system uses the blue colored filter bags. If your system uses the Carbon Dust filters and the filter bags are white with “Power Star” written in blue you will need to order part #BFS412. These are different filter bags and will not fit the older Power Star Genesis systems that use the blue colored bags.