Odor Assassin 8oz Pump Spray


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Odor Assassin gets rid of airborne odors in seconds. 100% active, industrial strength formula uses the power of natural citrus oil to effectively eliminate offensive odors. Lab tests show that Odor Assassin eliminates more than 90% of odor molecules from the air. Eliminates the odor, doesn’t just cover them up.

Using natural citrus oils and a patented ingredient, SE-500, Odor Assassin boosts the natural odor eliminating power and instantly replaces odors with a light scent. With over 1,500 sprays in each 8 Oz. bottle, Odor Assassin is the most economical investment for fast and effective odor control.

SERIOUSLY!!! Odor Assassin REALLY works to eliminating offensive airborne odors! They are made from the same formulas that institutions from landfills to nursing homes have been using for over 30 years to solve their most challenging odor problems. Odor Assassin, the household odors are a cinch!! Scientific instruments capable of detecting very small quantities of smoke, synthetic and bathroom odors show that Odor Assassin eliminates 87% of bathroom and 98% of tobacco odors!!

One or two sprays will clear all kinds of airborne odors in your home, work, or vehicle including:

  • Cooking Odors
  • Tobacco Smoke Odors
  • Musty Basement Odors
  • Medical Odors
  • Bathroom & Diaper Odors
  • Trash Odors
  • Laundry Room Odors
  • Locker Room Odors

And, the scents are wonderful. Whichever formula you chose, you’re getting a product that performs!!

Several delicious scents to choose from:

  • Apple – Crisp Red Apple scent
  • Cherry Drizzle
  • Cool Mountain Snow – Cool, clean scent with a touch of herbs
  • Crisp Cotton – Fresh clean scent
  • Coconut Mango
  • Field of Flowers
  • Juicy Tropical- A blend of Pineapple, Mango and Passion Fruit
  • Key Lime
  • Orange
  • Perfectly Pearc
  • Pomegranate Sugar
  • Spa Day
  • Spiced Berry
  • Tangy Lemon-Lime- Tangy, tart, and fresh. The scent of fresh squeezed lemons and limes in a can
  • Vanilla Bean


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