Motor brushes for Lamb Ametek vacuum motors #116259-11, 116758-11 and 116262-04

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These are Genuine Ametek Interrupter Carbon Brushes for the 116259-11, 116758-11 and 116262-04 Ametek vacuum motors.

Standard carbon brushes, without proper maintenance, can wear down to the brass housing (also called the shunt) and cause extensive damage to the motors armature (also called a commutator) which will lead to premature motor burn out or a seized motor.

These genuine Ametek Interrupter brushes have an auto-stop device that shuts down the motor before damage is done to the armature. Inside the brush housing is a nylon plunger and spring in front of the shunt that will break the electrical connection before it makes contact with the armature.


Sold as a set of two.

Colors may differ.


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