Hoover Replacement Power Nozzle Belt (non-Windtunnel)


Warranty: 30 Days

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This is the Hoover Replacement Power Nozzle Belt (non-Windtunnel) and will fit the following models: Hoover Spirit, Celebrity, Futura, Spectrum, S3269, S3271, S3427, S3475, S3507, S3059, S3059-030, S3061, S3061-030, S3077, S3079, S3079-030, S3079-035, S3081, S3083, S3083-030, S3093, S3127, S3147, S3149, S3161, 38528-011, S3277, S3277-040, S3445, S3263, S3281, S3283, S3283-040, S3493, S3635, S3195, S3195-030, S3199, S3201, S3219, S3233, S3267, S3239, S3265, S3267, S3269, S3269-036, S3269-060, S3269-070, S3271, S3271-036, S3271-060, S3271-070, S3275, S3277, S3277-040, S3279, S3281, S3283, S3283-040, S3295, S3295-031, S3405, S3423, S3427, S3475, S3487, S3491, S3493, S3499, S3501, S3575, S3585, S3595, S3605, S3623, S3625, S3631, S3633


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