Honeywell Compatible Vac Pan Installation Kit for Honeywell Central Vacuum Systems

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This is a Honeywell Central Vacuum compatible vacuum product.

Imagine having a dust pan right at your feet to sweep that unwanted dirt into. No more bending over and straining your back, well now you can!

Our Vac Pan Installation Kit is the most complete kit available. Has no high voltage connections, this is low voltage only!


  • Vac Pan
  • Vac Pan Trim plate
  • Two pipe link adapters
  • Flex hose
  • 90 degree short “L”
  • Low voltage wire
  • Easy to follow instructions to install the Vac Pan.

The main difference between the Vac Pan and the VacuSweep is that the VacuSweep connects from the back and the Vac Pan connects from the top. Also, the Vac Pan has a rocker switch that activates and closes it with the gentle push of your toe and the VacuSweep is activated by touching the door which lifts it and closes by gently pushing down with your toe. You need to evaluate which system is right for your needs. Unless you are comfortable installing the Vac Pan it is best installed by a professional such as a electrician.

Comes in White, Almond, or Black.


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