Hide A Hose Rapid Flex with Hose Sock – #HS500103P, #HS500104P, HS500105P and HS500106P


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This is the Genuine Hide A Hose Rapid Flex Hose with Hose Sock, #HS500103P, #HS500104P, HS500105P and HS500106P.

Rapid Flex hoses pull out more easily and retract faster than hose kits, and are a larger diameter, increasing air flow 20 -30%.

The new Rapid Flex hoses feature the mini-cuff, which allows tools to fit directly onto the hose cuff for easier use. Hose lengths can be customized to fit the home-owner’s needs. Trim desired length from end of hose that goes in valve first, then replace end cap into trimmed end (Do not trim the cuff-end of hose).

Hose kits include a pre-installed sock that protects millwork and furniture. A hose kit can be washed without removing the sock. Remove the entire hose kit from the valve and wash the hose with sock in a bathtub using a small amount of dish or laundry soap. Rinse thoroughly and hang to dry before retracting back into the valve.

Comes in 30′, 40′, 50′, and 60′ lengths.


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