Dyson AirBlade V HU-02 Automatic Surface Mounted Hand Dryer


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The fully-integrated 1000 WATT motor of the new Dyson AirBlade V HU-02 has been redesigned and reprogrammed to use 400 Watts less than the previous generation AirBlades. Even with the change in wattage, the Dyson AirBlade V is still drawing in 28 liters (5.3 gallons) of air every second through the HEPA filters, and still be able to dry hands in 12 seconds….with no heating element. Now that’s energy efficient!

The Dyson HU02 hand dryer helps reduce your carbon footprint too!! The Dyson AirBlade V HU-02 has a lower environmental impact by producing up to 84.6% less CO2 than traditional hand dryers and up to 82.7% less than paper towels. It costs up to 80.3% less to run than standard hand dryers and up to 97.9% less than paper towels. Not only does the Dyson AirBlade V HU-02 hand dryer save you money, but it helps ease washroom congestion. With a 12 second dry time, the Dyson AirBlade V HU-02 allows users to spend less time in the washroom.

The Dyson HU02 hand dryer can be mounted or removed from the wall quickly and easily due to the innovative backplate installed in the Dyson Airblade V Series. With the new design, the Dyson HU02 takes up less space from the slim profile that protrudes 4 inches from the wall. The Dyson HU02 is 60% smaller than the original hands-down-in Dyson Airblade hand dryer (AB14 dB), but still dries your hands in 12 seconds using a touch free operation with a proximity capacitive sensors.

The polycarbonate molded casing is available in either a “sprayed nickel” color or white colored paint containing antibacterial additives, reducing damaging and odor causing microbial growth. Also available in two voltage options – Low Voltage (100V/120V) and High Voltage (200V-240V).


  • 30% quieter (79dB) than the previous generation – QUIET MARK Certified
  • Dries your hands in 12 seconds
  • V4 Brushless DC motor with digital pulse technology (83,000 rpm); 420 to 430 mph airspeed.
  • Ultra hygienic due to touch-free activation and dual HEPA filters
  • Polycarbonate cover is highly durable and vandal resistant
  • Does NOT require recessing in order to meet the ADA protrusion rule; saving vast time and money.
  • Water Ingress Protection rated of IP24
  • ETL Listed (in accordance with UL507), NSF Certified, ADA Compliant, Carbon Trust, International WELL Building Institute, and LEED Credit Eligible
  • 5 year limited parts warranty


  • 15 ½ inches High x 9 7/32 inches Wide x 4 inches Deep
  • Weight: 6 pounds

Electrical Specifications (PLEASE NOTE: neither voltage is recommended for installation at elevations over 9,842 feet (3,000 meters) above sea level):

  • 100/120 Volts; 8.32 to 8.86 Amps; 50/60 Hz, 1000 Watts
  • 200-240 Volts, 4.33 to 4.62 Amps; 50/60 Hz, 1000 Watts


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