Dyson AirBlade HU-03 Automatic Surface Mounted Hand Dryer with Stainless Steel Cover


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The AirBlade HU03 is the first Dyson Hand Dryer to have a true Stainless Steel exterior with a 304L Brushed Finish. But that is only the beginning of things for the new Dyson AirBlade HU-03.

To start, the Curved Blade design of the Dyson AirBlade HU-03 sends sheets of air traveling at 388mph to follow the contours of your hands and “scrape” the water from the surface of your hands in 10 seconds while in Max mode (900 watts). While in Eco mode (650 watts), the sheets of air will travel at 337mph and a dry time of 12 seconds to the user.

Powering the unique Dyson HU-03 Dryer is the powerful Dyson V4 digital motor that is spinning 75,000 times a minute to draw 6.1 gallons of air per second through the machine. The efficient aerodynamics means the Dyson digital motor draws up to 84% less energy than a warm air hand dryer. The straight line configuration allows for simpler airflow path that reduces air turbulence, meaning less noise and less energy consumption. All that power being generated, but the Dyson AirBlade is still quiet; ranging from 79dB in MAX mode and 77dB in ECO mode.

With a very small carbon footprint, The Dyson AirBlade HU-03 produces up to 85% less CO2 than paper towels and up to 85% less than other hand dryers AND is up to 99% less expensive to run than paper towels and up to 86% less than warm air hand dryers. The AirBlade HU-03 hygienically dries hands with clean air by utilizing touch-free activation AND a HEPA filter that captures 99.97% of particles, including bacteria and viruses on the intake of the air being used to dry your hands. Essentially, the air you dry your hands with, is cleaner than the air in the surrounding environment.

All of this together, makes the Dyson AirBlade the quietest, “cleanest”, most efficient and even more economical hand dryer yet!!


  • Available in 2 different voltage options – Low Voltage (100V/120V) and High Voltage (200V-240V)
  • Cost just $19 per year to run in Eco mode
  • Touch-free operation
  • Sensors accurately detect hands in 0.25 seconds to activate air without wasting energy.
  • Stainless steel fascia and back plate is highly durable, vandal resistant, and easy to clean
  • Create space in your washroom
  • Slim and compact design at just 4 inches deep – no recessing required in order to meet the ADA protrusion rule; saving vast time and money.
  • Easy to clean and service
  • Stainless steel finish.
  • Safe electrical disconnect.
  • Dedicated 20 AMP suitable for up to 2 machines.
  • Water Ingress Protection rated of IP24
  • ETL Listed (in accordance with UL507), Carbon Trust, HACCP Certified, ADA Compliant, Quiet Mark, International Well Building Institute, and LEED Credit Eligible
  • Dimensions: 119-5/8 inches High x 17-7/10 inches Wide x 4 inches Deep
  • 5 year limited parts warranty.

Electrical Specifications:

  • Low Voltage
    • 120-127 Volts; 7.19 to 7.5 Amps; 50/60 Hz, 900 Watts (MAX mode)
    • 120-127 Volts; 5.12 to 5.42 Amps; 50/60 Hz, 650W (ECO Mode)
  • High Voltage
    • 200-240 Volts, 3.75 to 4.5 Amps; 50/60 Hz, 900 Watts (MAX mode)
    • 200-240 Volts, 2.71 to 3.25 Amps; 50/60 Hz, 650W (ECO Mode)

PLEASE NOTE: neither voltage is recommended for installation at elevations over 9,842 feet (3,000 meters) above sea level.


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