CentraClean and FloMaster Replacement Micro Filter Vacuum Bags, 3 Pack

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Fits CentraClean CP2000, CP5000, CP8000, and CP10000. Also fit MD FloMaster M45, MD FloMaster M64, and some MD and  Modern Day central vacuum systems.

Each filter bag is electrostatically charged to attract and retain the finest particles of dirt and dust and exceeds HEPA filter requirements. They are a 3-ply cloth like woven material that performs well as a filter yet still allowing the maximum airflow through the filter bag. If you have allergies or any breathing problem this filter will aid in the elimination of dust and allergens in your home.

The vacuum bag is 23 inches tall and 10 inches wide and comes three (3) per pack and can be used on any system with a sealed bag of similar size.



Flo-Master is a registered trademark of M.D. Manufacturing. Inc.


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