Standard Vacuum Hose for Nutone Square Inlet Valves


Warranty: 30 Days

Shipping Features


This high quality crushproof hose fits into older style NuTone inlet valves that measure slightly under 1.5 inches in diameter. The inlet itself measures about a 3.5″ square.

Replaces the old NuTone 372 and CH115 hoses.

The hose is lighter weight than the old bulky style wire reinforced hose and is much more durable. Less damaging on baseboards and furniture legs. Comes with a swivel handle so it does not kink and an air flow regulator to reduce the air flow for those delicate areas you may need to vacuum such as sheers and curtains.

The accessory end of the hose is available in a friction lock style or a button lock style (see additional images to see the difference).

Comes in 30, 35, and 50 foot lengths.

**Please note:  Color shipped may vary.


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