ACV Compatible Wessel Werk EBK341 Power Nozzle for ACV Central Vacuum Systems


Warranty: 30 Days

Shipping Features


This is an ACV compatible vacuum product.

This is one of the finest power brushes available today! The Wessel Werk EBK341 Power Nozzle is unsurpassed in performance and reliability.

Uses the largest commercial grade motor available and uses the Never-Fail Cogged fiberglass reinforced belt for long lasting performance. Non marking wheels and pivot/swivel neck for greater flexibility. The roller brush rotates at 6000 RPM,That’s twice as fast as most power brushes providing you with far greater cleaning ability. Using double row chevron designed roller brushes that will channel the air in order to draw the dirt from the outer edges of the roller brush into the center of the power head. Unlike other power brushes that require manual height adjustment the Wessel Werk EBK341 Power Nozzle is self adjusting to most carpet surfaces. Not recommended for shag or high cut carpets.

If you need a replacement belt see our part #TLS544.