ACV Compatible Dust Care PB11 Electric Power Brush for ACV Central Vacuum Systems


Warranty: 30 Days

Shipping Features


This is an ACV compatible vacuum product.

The Dust Care PB11 12 inch power brush is an excellent and reliable power brush with a steel beater bar for long life. Has a broad headlight to light up your cleaning path.

  • Contains it’s own On/Off switch directly on the power brush to control it’s operation.
  • The cogged belt is securely isolated from the beater brush assuring that no debris such as hair or thread will wrap around the bearings.
  • The electric cord measures 37 inches long and comes with two clips to secure the cord to your wands for safe operation.
  • Large non-marring rear and front wheels are designed to give maximum maneuverability to glide over surfaces with ease.
  • Comes with a one year manufacturers warranty.
  • Weighs only 5 pounds.

Available in Black or Grey.

If you need a replacement belt see our part TLS554.

If you need a replacement brushroll, see our part TLS617