Rainbow D4CSE Electric Hose Without Grip #R6055

Vacuum Hoses

Rainbow E Series 11 Inch Floor Brush with Swivel #R14410

Rainbow D4, D4C, D4CSE, E Water Pan Gasket Flange #R2702

Rainbow E Series Carbon Brush Set with Plastic Holder for GS Motor #R8321K

Rainbow D2, D3, D4, D4C SE Replacement Electric Hose

Rexair D4 and D4C Replacement Gas Pump Style Electric Hose


Rexair/Rainbow E2 Electric 8 Foot Hose Assembly, Black #R14857C

Rexair Replacement 25 Foot 2 Wire D4 Brown Main Power with Grommet Cord

Cord Reels & Electrical Cords

Rexair Replacement 44 Inch 2 Wire Power Nozzle To Wand Black Cord

Cord Reels & Electrical Cords

Rexair / Rainbow D4C and D4C-SE 1/2″ wide Carbon Brush Set

Rexair / Rainbow D4C and D4C-SE Upper and Lower Motor Bearings

Rexair / Rainbow D4C and D4C-SE 5/8″ wide Carbon Brush Set

Cen-Tec CT10QD Response Power Brush


Rainbow Vacuum 4 Quart Water Pan for Models D3, D4, D4C, and D4C SE #R2823


Rainbow/Rexair Replacement Power Nozzle 1650, 2800, 4375, 5825, PN2 Flat Belt

PVC Vacuum Pipe, 150 Feet in 5 foot sections

Flat smooth belt for a Beam Rugmaster, Eureka, Rexair, Rainbow, and Frigidaire Gallery Power Brush