Before you purchase a new vacuum you may want to consider replacing the motor instead

In many cases when a consumers vacuum stops working, their first reaction is to just run to a big box store and purchase another. In most of those cases, consumers with even a just little bit of mechanical and technical knowledge, can replace the vacuum motor on their own. The Vacuum Factory sells most major manufacturers replacement vacuum motors for your Upright, Canister, or Central Vacuum.

Manufactured by Ametek Lamb, each of our vacuum motors has been designed with Ametek’s expertise and advanced technology in a state of the art manufacturing facility that enables us to provide a high quality custom designed product that is very cost effective when it comes to repairing your vacuum. also regularly stocks hundreds of Carbon Motor Brush sets for most Ametek Lamb vacuum motors. A carbon brush is the rod that conducts the electricity to the motor. When the carbon brushes wear down (and they will at some point), the brass housing that holds them will begin to “dig” itself into the commutator thus causing the motor to seize up and no longer run. It is recommended that you change the carbon brushes every 2 to 3 years depending on vacuum usage time, sooner if you are using the motor in a commercial application.

To see a video on how you change the carbon motor brushes on your new motor, please see our videos below:

From Kenmore to Dyson, from backpacks to central vacs, The Vacuum Factory can supply you with the proper Vacuum motor or Carbon Motor Brushes to get you back to cleaning.

We also have a full line of Motor parts and accessories, including the motor bearings, motor fan shells, motor filters, motor gaskets, rotating fans, armature rebuilding kits and much more!

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