Backpack vacuums – A viable option

Are you looking to get a commercial type vacuum to use in your residential setting? Or, maybe you are a cleaning service looking to phase out your current upright or canister vacuums to something much more efficient and cost effective?  These are all questions that can be rectified with the purchase of a Backpack vacuum.  After hours of surveying our current customer base and doing extensive research, The Vacuum Factory has developed a list of advantages of owning a backpack vacuum for your home or for your cleaning service versus an upright or canister vacuum.

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First and foremost, backpack vacuums are much more efficient and productive than most uprights or canister vacuums.  When using an upright or canister vacuum in one hour of time, the average user can vacuum 2,875 square feet of space versus 7,407 square feet when using a backpack vacuum!  Not only does it save you or your employees’ time on cleaning, backpacks are 43% more efficient than an upright vacuum, 30% more efficient than a canister vacuum, and 52% more efficient than just dust mopping your floors alone.   Another advantage is that backpacks are approximately 33% less expensive a year in maintenance costs!!

Undoubtedly, the biggest advantage to owning a backpack vacuum is the fact that the user can maintain a healthier air environment before AND after vacuuming the space. When using a standard upright or canister vacuum that is equipped with a rotating brush or power nozzle, the vacuum itself does not completely remove the airborne particles caused by the brush agitation on carpeted floors. With backpack vacuums, airborne particles and dust that are generally left behind by other vacuums, are pulled directly out of the carpet into the vacuum and are 99.97% effective in removing contaminants. With the 4 to 5 levels of filtration, backpack vacuums will leave the air and your carpet cleaner than just using a conventional upright or canister vacuum, even those equipped with HEPA filtration.

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The weight of an upright vacuum is also another issue with many users. Most uprights in the market today can weigh anywhere between 15 to 30 pounds, while the average backpack vacuum weighs in at around 10 pounds. The repetitive motions of pushing (and pulling) the heavy uprights back and forth can cause an extreme amount of joint and body strain vs a backpack in which you are only pushing (and pulling) the hose and wand set which on average weigh less than 6 pounds.   Backpacks are also much more ergonomically designed with both adjustable fit shoulder straps and adjustable waist belts that will insure proper fit and weight distribution on the users body so that you will never “feel” the backpack while wearing it OR using it. Many backpacks also have telescopic vacuum wands in order to adjust the length of the wand to the height of the user to reduce back strain.

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Another advantage to utilizing a backpack vacuum is it’s versatility. When comparing an upright to a backpack, there is NO comparison. With the ability to move in and out of tight spaces and their easy maneuverability, a backpack vacuum, hands down is probably the biggest advantage to owning a backpack. This versatility makes them much easier to use in a household or commercial environment in those areas that get neglected because most uprights just can’t “fit” into most places to get the entire area clean.

With several different manufacturers to choose from, The Vacuum Factory has the ability to offer the consumer a backpack vacuum that fits the users’ needs and their budget.

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