Smart 360 S10 Vac and Spot Mop Robotic Vacuum Trinocular Lidar


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Sweeping and mopping at the same time? Yes, you can now!! The Smart 360 S10 Vac and Mop Robotic Vacuum with built in LiDAR Stereoscopic 3D Mapping is a one of a kind robotic vacuum that combines sweeping…supplemented with mopping.

The S10 uses a stereoscopic 3D perception of the home environment through LiDAR navigation by using one LDS Laser and two OLS Lasers. With that combination, the SI0 is able to generate an effective three-dimensional perception of the home environment within millimeter accuracy. Coupled with the aerospace-grade dToF scanning technology and SLAM algorithm, the S10 has more accurate room mapping, more comprehensive route planning, and actively avoids obstacles and areas where it could get trapped in advance, while becoming more intelligent and “learning” its surroundings on every cleaning.

The Smart 360 S10 efficiently avoid obstacles and collisions using the Lidar system quickly and accurately identify 100 types of objects, such as power strips, slippers, pet feces, and body fat scales, then send the information back to the processor for real-time calculation. This actively identifies and bypasses obstacles, avoids entanglements, and prevents sweeping errors and touching by mistake, etc.

In addition to being a 2 in 1 robotic vacuum, the Smart 360 S10 is also equipped and programmed with a Built-In Lidar system that allows the S10 to sweep and mop under beds and other furniture without redirecting to vacuum elsewhere because it is ONLY 3 INCHES TALL!! Set the mopping off-limit area on the mobile app and the Smart 360 S10 will stay away from carpets and other off-limit areas. And the four anti-drop sensors on the bottom of the vacuum will gauge whether steps and equipment are off the ground.

For carpet cleaning, the Smart 360 S10 Vac and Mop Robotic Vacuum is capable of identifying carpets and increasing its suction power automatically by switching the vacuum automatically into Max Mode that supplies the vacuum with 2000Pa of suction power for deep cleaning.

For your hard surface floors, the Smart 360 S10 Vac and Mop Robotic Vacuum is engineered with an on-board water tank that seeps out water slowly and evenly on the mopping pad and leaves no water stains on the floors.


  • Smart navigation with Trinocular built-in LiDAR technology provide navigation for three-dimensional obstacle avoidance
  • Vacuum and Mop 2-in-1
  • Powerful obstacle climbing
  • 500ml Dust Capacity
  • 520ml Electronic Water Tank
  • Leaves no water stains on your floor
  • Selective room cleaning
  • Self-Charge and Resume when charged to 80%
  • 5000mAh High-Capacity Battery
  • 3300Pa superior suction power
  • Automatically switches to cleaning mode if the water tank is removed
  • Smartphone App control with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant support
  • 120 minutes work time
  • Automatic suction power adjustment based on floor type
  • 1 Year Warranty


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