Reliable Velocity Compact Vapor Generator Steam Iron With Sensor Touch #200IR


Warranty: 30 Days

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RE-THINKING THE IRON  The all new Velocity 200IR compact vapor generator iron is the ultimate expression of our iron know how. The Velocity 200IR thinks (and more importantly acts) like a pro iron. Water is heated internally so it turns into steam before it even reaches the sole plate (like our pro models). The end result is a steam iron that doesn’t leak and doesn’t spit water and delivers continuous steam that will astonish you.

THIS IS WORK?  The goal of all irons is to get out of the way and let you get your ironing done. No other iron allows you do this better than the Velocity 200IR. From it’s easy to use sensor touch handle to it’s super glide and scratch resistant anodized aluminum sole plate, the Velocity 200IR is the finest home iron you can invest in.

THE MAGIC  With a patented two heating elements design, the Velocity 200IR pre-heats the water before it reaches the heated sole plate. This guarantees continuous steam even at low temperatures which means delicate fabric like wool can be ironed safely with less risk of stretching.

COFFEE BREAKS  Our advanced auto shut off bypass feature allows the user to bypass the built-in 8 minute auto shut off and use the iron continuously. This is a great feature for our sewing & quilting project friends and everyone who likes to take a coffee break while ironing.. and come back to a hot iron!

HOW EASY IS THIS?  By simply placing your hand on the handle (and having the steam button in the on position) the Velocity 200IR springs to life with the most wonderful, voluminous steam you have ever seen in a steam iron.

YOU’LL BE TEMPTED TO COOK WITH IT  Like the finest cookware, the Velocity 200IR features a next generation anodized aluminum soleplate which enhances gliding on all types of fabric. it’s more scratch resistant and has a longer life than stainless steel and ceramic coatings.

ONE SMART IRON  Making a the most technologically advanced iron in the world doesn’t mean it needs to be complicated. An illuminated dial displays the selected temperature and two buttons control the power and steam volume functions. An audible beep indicates when You’ve reached the selected temperature and tells you you’re ready to iron.

THE CORD SWIVELS SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO  Our cord swivels 360 Degrees allowing better maneuverability and reducing those frustrating “dances” trying to get the cord to unravel.

EFFORTLESS FILL  Refilling the 200IR is quick and easy. With a large, wide-angle opening, the Velocity prevents any unnecessary spilling.

EVERYDAY ENDURANCE  The Velocity 200IR will press garments like a pro and it will help manage even large workloads in little time. Who said ironing had to be a chore?

DARE TO STEAM VERTICALLY  With no need to worry about spitting, the Velocity 200IR irons curtains, hanging garments and more.

QUILT IN CONFIDENCE  Quilters know the importance of working with pressed quilting squares. The Velocity 200IR lends a hand before every stitch.

SAFE FOR ALL  With the 200IR you can have large volumes of steam even at low temperatures, which means delicate fabric like silk can be ironed safely.


  • Built-in anti-scale cartridge
  • 8 minute auto shut-off
  • Auto shut-off bypass function
  • 1800W heating element
  • 1.25 cups (300 ml) water capacity
  • Anodized Aluminum sole plate

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