Reliable SewQuiet Sewing Servomotor #6000SM


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BEAUTY AND BRAWN The SewQuiet 6000SM brushless DC servomotor is a modern-day marvel of ingenuity and technology, crafted and designed to exceed your expectations. This is the only servomotor to incorporate a full 12-coil (vs. 6 or 9) design. This provides unparalleled power and torque, the kind of torque That’s needed to work with the toughest materials. And for those looking to add a synchronizer to your motor, it’s now available as a low cost stand-alone option.

CALIBRATED CONTROL The SewQuiet 6000SM represents the fourth generation Reliable’s energy saving servomotor innovation. Precision step-by step stitching for detailed sewing, the ability to plug in a grounded light directly to the rear of the motor, UL/CSA certified electrical components and the total silence that gives the SewQuiet it’s name. The new 6000SM takes everything We’ve learned about motors over the past 60 years to new heights.

MORE COILS = MORE TORQUE This is the only servomotor to incorporate a 12-coil (vs. 6 or 9) design, providing the torque you need to get through heavier sewing tasks with ease.

STEP STITCHING TECHNOLOGY – SST’s Controlling the treadle speed for the most detailed work is a breeze with the SewQuiet’s proprietary step stitching technology – SST’s

550W SERVOMOTOR The SewQuiet’s servomotor is the powerhouse behind every 6000SM, providing revolutions up to 6000RPM.

VARIABLE SPEED CONTROL Built-in push button on/off switch and variable speed control. Easy to read LED display.

BUILT-IN LIGHT RECEPTACLE The 6000SM is equipped with a fused and grounded receptacle to plug in an UberLight LED light or a light of your choice.

BELT ADJUSTMENT Regardless of the brand of sewing machine you are mounting the SewQuiet 6000SM to, the belt tensioning device is simple and easy to set-up.

PCB INSULATION Inside the 6000SM you will find PCB insulation that houses and protects the internal electrical components of the motor.

STRAIN RELIEF This smart safety feature prevents pullout and wear on the electrical cord.

SIMPLE SET-UP Everything you need to get your SewQuiet 6000SM up and running is supplied in the box.

NO EXTRA CHARGE¬† And the best part of the new SewQuiet 6000SM? It’s included at no additional cost with all Reliable industrial sewing machines.

OPTIONAL SYNCHRONIZER Pair your sewing machine with our synchronizer for precise control of your sewing operation.

  • 550W power
  • More torque than conventional clutch or servomotors
  • Up to 75% energy savings
  • Digital speed control
  • Clockwise and counterclockwise directions
  • Built-in overload protection
  • Instruction manual with speed settings included

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