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The Premium “Classic” Lambs wool Dusters are made of premium-tipped lambs wool that act as a magnet to naturally attract and hold dust particles without the use of cleaning chemicals. The dusters come complete with a solid hardwood handle for added strength and natural appeal. The hand-tied leather hang strap makes storage simple and out of the way and the natural look of wool and is made in a myriad of sizes from 8″ to 48″ to reach to even the tallest of bookcases! WHY WOOL?

  • Wool is a natural fiber that has an abundance of unique attributes. The physical make-up of wool fiber is so complex it can never be duplicated or imitated by man-made synthetic processes. At Wool Shop, we adhere to strict quality standards to assure the wool we use is of the highest quality, making Wool Shop products beyond comparison.
  • Scratch Resistant–The Epicuticle is a thin protective film covering the cuticle (scales) which makes the wool fiber more resistant to abrasion. Wool Shop dusters can be used on the most delicate of surfaces.
  • Extremely Durable–The Cortex is the main inside layer of the fiber that composes 90% of the fiber mass. Because of the amazing cable-like strength of the Cortex each wool fiber is so elastic and resilient that it can be bent over 20,000 times without breaking or damaging the fiber.
  • Amazing Dust-Grabbing Ability–The Cuticle layer is the outer part of the wool fiber and is composed of hundreds of microscopic, overlapping scales. Tiny pockets between the scales naturally trap and hold dust particles. This amazing feature has made Wool Shop dusters famous for their dust-grabbing ability.


  • The 8″ Lambs wool Duster is useful when dusting collectables and reaching into small places.
  • Customers find the 10″ Lambs wool Duster easy to use for dusting numerous items in every part of the house.
  • The 24″ Lambs wool Duster is one of our most favorite duster sizes for walls, pictures, table legs, etc. with the extra long amount of wool on the handle – it saves you time.
  • The 48″ Lambs wool Duster is perfect when you need just a little more handle to reach light fixtures or stairwell walls. This duster is a nice lightweight duster for people who are wheelchair bound.

Easy to Clean: To remove the dust twirl handle between your hands to fluff. If wool becomes matted, comb and fluff the wool.


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