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Getting rid of coffee, wine or other stains from your favorite rug or carpet can be such a chore but now that’s going to change, with the amazing new carpet stain remover, OxiClean Splot Carpet Stain Remover by Casabella. Stains on your carpet are not a pleasant sight for anyone, but with the OxiClean Splot, removing stains from carpets or rug is both simple and easy.

How does OxiClean Splot work?

OxiClean Splot works by creating suction, pumping clean water out of one chamber and then sucking up the dirty water and stain residue in the other chamber. Pressing firmly on the unit while pumping and being sure the knobs and lid are tightened provide the most suction and best results.

Should I blot the stain before using OxiClean Splot?

We recommend blotting the stain before using OxiClean Splot so that the pretreat spray and water can clean the carpet fibers more deeply.

Does OxiClean Splot work on all stains?

OxiClean Splot works well on all kinds of spills, however very thick substances such as ketchup or paint will be more challenging. For best results, pick up as much of the spilled substance as possible with a paper towel before using OxiClean Splot.

Does OxiClean Splot work on old, set in stains?

Stains come up best when they are fresh. Old, set-in stains, especially colored liquids such as red wine can set deeply into the fiber making them almost impossible to remove. For best results, get to spills quickly before they can permanently damage your carpet.

Does OxiClean Splot have brush attachment?

We do not recommend brushing motions to remove stains from carpeting. Brushing causes friction that damages the fibers or weave of the carpet. Flushing the stain out is the most effective method of permanent spot removal.

How much OxiClean Carpet Stain Remover should I use to pretreat the stain?

3 to 4 sprays will do the trick. OxiClean Splot works best when there isn’t too much foamy liquid being pulled up. Allow a few moments for OxiClean to break up the stain and then place OxiClean Splot on the stain and begin pumping.

How many times do I need to pump to remove stain and water from the carpet?

For the stain to come up, you must empty the clean water chamber completely, and the number of times you will pump will depend on how much water you use. Expect between 60 and 80 pumps to pull up as much liquid as possible.

Does OxiClean Splot leave water in my carpet after use?

Because you are pumping 6 to 8 ounces of water into the carpet to remove the stain, all of that water then also has to come out. Some water (1 to 2 ounces) may remain in the carpet after pumping as much as possible. We recommend you blot the remaining liquid with a paper towel for faster drying.

Will OxiClean Splot work on larger stains?

OxiClean Splot will clean stains within the size of the base. For larger stains, simply move the OxiClean Splot and repeat the process until you have treated the entire area of the stain.

Does OxiClean Splot work on area rugs?

Yes! OxiClean Splot does work on area rugs.

Does OxiClean Splot work on upholstery?

Because OxiClean Splot works through suction, it needs to create a seal between the unit and a hard surface. Unfortunately, upholstered furniture tends to be soft and allow air flow; it does not create the level of suction needed. Therefore we do not recommend using OxiClean Splot for upholstery.

How do I clean OxiClean Splot after using?

To clean the OxiClean Splot after using, simply unscrew the yellow cap marked out, dump the contents and rinse thoroughly with water. Allow the chambers inside OxiClean Splot to dry completely before closing the caps so moisture is not trapped inside. Wipe down the bottom with a clean dry cloth.

Will the stain come back after using Splot?

Using OxiClean Splot removes stains completely and thoroughly. Stains reappear when particles of cleaning solution remain on the carpet fibers, which attract more dirt and dust causing stains to reappear. Because OxiClean Splot flushes the stain and cleaning solution out of the carpet and the padding, there is no soap residue left to create a repeat stain.

Will OxiClean Splot damage my carpet or floors?

Using OxiClean Splot will not damage carpet or wood floors below. For best results, blot up any remaining liquid in the carpet with a cloth so the carpet will dry faster. It is normal for the carpet to be damp afterward – the water will evaporate and the stain will be gone


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