Excel Dryer XLERATOR Automatic Surface Mounted Hand Dryer with White Plastic Resin Cover #XL-BW


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The XLERATOR XL-BW offers a host of benefits that make it the ideal solution for any organization. Why continue throwing money away on paper towels when the XLERATOR XL-BW offers such affordable power? Plus, you’ll love how this attractive unit enhances your restroom’s appearance.

The high-speed motor of the XLERATOR XL-BW generates large amounts of comfortable warm air in a directed stream to remove moisture from hands quickly and comfortably.

The white resin exterior of the XLERATOR XL-BW gives a gleaming appearance that will maintain its good looks with almost no maintenance at all for years and years to come. This is one product that looks as good as it performs.

The XLERATOR XL-BW is so environmentally friendly that purchasing can help your organization to obtain LEED credits. Plus, it will free you from the need to dump tons of contaminated paper towel waste into your local landfill, helping to keep your soil clean and your water safe.


  • Super-fast drying times of 8 to 12 seconds.
  • 95% cost savings versus using paper towels.
  • Adjustable Speed and Sound Controller
  • Adjustable Heating Element (Low/Medium/High/Off)
  • Sensor-equipped with externally visible Red LED light that can flash error codes to assist in troubleshooting.
  • Washable metal mesh Pre-Filter
  • Underwriters Laboratory, Inc.(UL)Listed. (In both the United States and Canada)
  • Available in 110V/120V or 208V to 277V
  • Five (5) year manufacturer’s warranty.


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