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Two Tasks at Once Saves Time! The CentraMop simultaneously vacuums and mops for effortless, time-saving cleaning of all hard surface floors. Its unique front and rear vacuum channels pick-up debris whether pushing or pulling.

Microfiber Cleaning Pad. The easy-to-wet, install, and remove cloth saves money over single-use disposable pads and does not streak on wood and laminate floors. The CentraMop avoids pushing dirty water into the tile grout and is specifically designed to work with all wood floor cleaners.

The CentraMop comes with two Microfiber pads and its universal fit will attach to all standard 1-1/4 inches diameter wands.

Dimensions: 12 inches long by 4-3/4 inches wide by 3 inches tall.

To purchase replacement pads see our part #TLS164

FAQs on the CentraMop.

What type of floor cleaner do your recommend I use with the CentraMop on my hardwood floors?

For hardwood floors the ONLY product we recommend that is safe on your hardwood floors is Bona Swedish Hardwood Floor Cleaner. This superb product cleans all types of hardwood floors safely and does not harm the finish.

To see the Bona Swedish Hardwood Floor Cleaner see our part #CLP124.

How about my ceramic tile and stone floors, what cleaner would work best?

For ceramic tile, stone or other hard surfaced floors use the best, use the Bona Swedish Hard Surfaced Floor Cleaner. It too is safe on all hard floor surfaces as well as environmentally friendly!

To see the Bona Swedish Hard Surfaced Floor Cleaner see our part #CLP103.

Is the Microfiber pad washable?

Yes, it is machine washable, but do not use any bleaches, fabric softeners, and dryer sheets.

Can the CentraMop be used to vacuum up water?

If there is a water spill use something other than the CentraMop for mopping it up. The CentraMop does not vacuum water, but uses water on its pad effectively to lift up grimy, sticky, ground-in dirt, dust, food, pet-paw prints, dried baby slobber, etc.

How does the Microfiber pad get wet?

Soak the pad with water from the sink faucet and wring it out; set it with the Velcro on the CentraMop and vacuum away! Remove it and rinse it when necessary. You can also use floor cleaners, without bleach, on the pad.

What type of floors does the CentraMop clean?

The CentraMop works great on all hardwood, tile, and linoleum floors.


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