Aura E 36LT Industrial Grade Stainless Steel 10 gallon Commercial Vacuum #69548


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The Aura E 36LT Industrial Grade Stainless Steel 10 gallon Commercial Vacuum is the answer to new requirements from inspectors that fine debris like dry wall dust, sheet rock dust, and body putty dust is captured as it is generated by the power tool reducing the operators exposure to fine particulate deemed harmful to health. The durable nylon pre-filter stops 99% of the debris before reaching the H14 rated cartridge filter increasing filter life and reducing down time associated with filter clogging. The Aura is equipped with a built in filter shaker to shake dust from the cartridge filter each time the power tool is shut off or on demand using the manual override switch built into the vacuum. The Aura is produced so the powerful two stage by pass motor will activate through the control switch on the power tool allowing the operator to control both the tool and vacuum through a single switch at the point of use. The heavy duty steel frame, equally durable casters, and a commercial grade 10 gallon stainless recovery bin make it ideal for use on construction sites, in remodeling applications, doing sheet rock repair, and as a portable solution for auto body work in home or commercial shops. A complimentary set of cleaning tools allows the Aura to be the vacuum necessary for source capture of fine dust and debris as well as the ideal vacuum for general work site clean-up.


  • Meets OSHA Crystalline Silica Rule 29 CFR 1926.1153
  • The 69548 Aura Industrial grade stainless 10 gallon commercial vacuum is designed primarily as a dry vacuum for recovery of debris captured from an electric sander, rotary saw, router, or other power tools shrouded for vacuum collection as the debris is generated by the tool.
  • Two stage by pass motor generates 94” of water lift and 126 CFM to insure sufficient power is available to collect both large and very fine debris as it is generated.
  • Operates at a quiet 60 dBa.
  • 800 watt plug for independent tool operation built into the face of the vacuum. The vacuum can be manually operated using a switch on the face of the vacuum or automatically through the on/off switch on the power tool permitting the operator to control the vacuum at the point of use for the related tool.
  • Durable nylon pre-filter to stop large debris and the bulk of even the finest dust backed up with a large surface dry H14 rated cartridge filter capable of capturing 99.997% of particulate above 2 microns.
  • Built in filter shaker that automatically activates to clean dust from the cartridge filter each time the tool is stopped or that can be manually operated as deemed necessary to maintain airflow.
  • Heavy duty casters built into a rugged steel frame.
  • Includes a 10 foot recovery hose for use with power tools and a complimentary set of commercial tools set for general site cleanup including an 8 foot hose, wands, curved end, 14 inch floor brush, 14 inch carpet tool, 11 inch crevice, and 5 inch dusting tool.


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