Aroma2Go Aroma Spinner Replacement Pads and Pods

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The one and only Aroma Spinner from Aroma2Go is fidget spinner that is equipped with Aroma2Go’s patented scent pods that allow the user to add their favorite essential oil to 1 or all of them. Simply add a few drops of any essential oil to one or all of the included cotton pads. Place them inside the plastic pod and snap the pod together and place the pod in one of the 3 open slots on the fidget spinner. You now have both a concentration tool and fresh aromatic air.

NOTE: Aroma2Go recommends adding a different oil to each of the cotton pads. Now when you spin the fidget spinner, you will get a scented blast of your custom made essential oil blend!

Available in: Purple, Black, and White


  • 6 x Pods (3 Neon Green, 3 Black)
  • 12 x Cotton Pads (3 white, 3 pink, 3 neon green, 3 black)


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